Loan Reduction Mortgage Calculator Updated

Smart Search Finance has upgraded its Loan Reduction Mortgage Calculator. It is easier to use,  device and cross browser compatible for different device types

Use this calculator to find out how an offset account and extra repayments can be used to pay the mortgage quicker and  significantly reduce the cost of your mortgage.

To use this calculator click the image below.


Home Loan Repayment Calculator Update

Smart Search Finance has upgraded its Home Loan Repayment Calculator. It is easier to use,  device and cross browser compatible for different device types

The calculator calculates mortgage repayments for both home and investment loans. for both variable and fixed rate loans. It also calculates the comparison rate (the “real” interest rate paid over the life of the loan), total fees, total cost of loan, interest paid and many other features.

To use this calculator  click here.


Comparison Rate Calculator Update

Smart Search Finance has upgraded its Comparison Rate Mortgage Calculator. It is easier to use,  device and cross browser compatible for different device types

Comparison rate is the “real” interest rate paid over the life of the loan. It displays the real interest of the loan after accounting for costs such as upfront, ongoing and exit fees.

For example, a $350,000 home loan may advertise an interest rate at 5.00%. However, if the upfront fees are $500, exit fees are $1,000 and their is a $10 monthly fee the real interest rate would be 5.06%

To view the calculator the image below or  click here.





Commercial Loans – Calculators Updated

At Smart Search Finance at commercial loans website we have updated our commercial loan calculators.

We have updated the following calculators on the website:

Commercial Loan Calculator – Calculates commercial property loans and has many features that many other calculators do not have. Includes calculations for variable and fixed interest rates, fees, entry and exit fees, interest only repayments, and real interest rate showing the true cost of the loan.

Comparison Rate Commercial Loan Calculator – This is similar to the commercial loan calculator; however, it highlights the real interest rate of the loan after fees and other costs of the loan.

Interest Only Commercial Loan Calculator – Has an interest only option in this calculator.

Business Loan Calculator – Calculates the cost of a business loan.


If you have any questions or looking for a better deal regarding commercial property loans, business loans and leasing please contact us


If you are looking for a home or investment loans please visit our Smart Search Finance website.


Interest Calculator – Mortgage Calculators

Smart Search Finance has an interest calculator as well as many other mortgage calculators that calculate mortgage interest repayments. Below is a list and links to some of the home loan interest calculators we have on the website.

Mortgage Repayment CalculatorBasic mortgage calculator that calculates monthly mortgage repayments, interest payments and total costs. Monthly, fortnightly, weekly and interest only repayments options available.

Interest Only Mortgage CalculatorCalculates the interest only for weekly, fortnightly and monthly repayments. Includes interest only period and total amount paid during the interest only period.

There are many other mortgage calculators on the website


Mortgage Calculator – Offset and Extra Repayments

Have you tried our mortgage offset calculator. This is a powerful tool that shows how extra repayments and money held in an offset account helps pay your mortgage quicker.

Here are a few examples;

1. Jim and Mary have a $300,000 loan over 30 years at an interest rate at 7% per annum. They place $10,000 in their offset account over the life of the loan and they save $63,043 in interest and take 3 years off their loan duration.

2. Tom has a $350,000 loan over 30 years at an interest rate at 7.25%. He pays $300 extra into his loan each month above the minimum repayments. Over the life of the loan he saves $165,257 on interest and reduces his loan term by  nearly 9 years

3. In the above example with Jim and Mary and they make extra repayments of $200 per month plus have $10,000 in their offset account they would save $153,056  on interest and pay out the loan in 21 years and 2 months.

To access this calculator and many other loan calculators at the mortgage calculator page or directly at the Mortgage Offset Calculator page

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