How Mortgage Brokers Can Help…

More than ever mortgage brokers can significantly save you time finding a home or investment loan due to the new  regulatory requirements.

The new legislation requires that all lenders and brokers assess an applicant before they can recommend products. Often this requires supporting documentation that includes;  tax returns, pay slips, identification, other loan statements such as car, personal and home loans and other forms of documentation. Also, if there are two applicants then both have to be present at the interview.

If you were to shop around for a mortgage then this process can be very time consuming. Using a mortgage broker can take one lot of documentation, one interview and compare your requirements to hundreds of loans. It is really that simple.

Most brokers have at least up to 30 lenders to choose from that include the major banks, second tier banks as well as non bank lenders. Therefore, you are likely to get one of the most competitive loan solutions based on your finance needs.

If you are interested in speaking to a licensed and experienced mortgage broker in your local area please submit a mortgage quote.


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