Interest Rates Down 0.25% – ANZ Commonwealth, NAB, ING, Westpac



ANZ for the last 2 years have broken their Friday interest rate review protocol and announced that they will reduce their variable interest rates by 0.25% effective February 12th

NAB also reduced rates today by 0.25%

Westpac slashes beyond rate cut by 0.28% effective 20th February 2015. RAMS, St George and Bank of Melbourne may do the same.

UPDATE: Commonwealth Bank first major to reduce their standard variable rate by 0.25%, effective 20th February 2015

The RBA announced this afternoon they have reduced the official cash rate by 0.25%.

It has been 18 months since interest rate have moved  and they are the lowest in 60 years.

We expect that lenders will announce their response over the coming days and we will keep you updated below.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Below shows how much each lender passes on their home loan rates. Interest rates will be updated on our main website once each lender passes on the reduction.

Current Bank Interest Rates Rate Cut and Date
Adelaide Bank/ Bendigo Bank -0.25 27th February
AMP -0.25% 20th February
ANZ -0.25% 12th February
Bank of Melbourne -0.25 20th February
Bank of Queensland -0.25% 24th February
BankWest -0.25% 24th February
Citibank -0.25 20th February
Commonwealth Bank -0.25% 20th February
ING Direct Bank -0.25 20th February
Member equity bank ( ME) -0.25 20/02 to 15/03 depending on the product
RAMS -0.25 20th February
NAB -0.25 20th February
St George Bank -0.25 20th February
Suncorp Bank -0.25 20th February
Westpac -0.28 20th February



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