Tips for Home Loan Refinance – Costs of Switching Mortgages

Before you refinance your home loan in Australia it is important to find out the true cost of switching lenders. You will need to take into account exit and entry fees.  It is only when the lower cost in interest rate offsets the fees paid is when you may consider switching lenders.

Below  are costs you should look out for.

Exit Fees

The best way to find out the total exit fees from your current lender is to contact them directly. They shoudl be able to give you the exact pay out figure.

Some of the exit fees to consider when refinancing;

Early Exit Fee – usually payable if you close out the loan within the first 5 years, Can range anything from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Check with your lender if these fees apply

Discharge of Mortgage Fee – this is the legal cost for discharging the mortgage. Can range between $100 and $600. Contact your lender

Break Fees – is the economic cost to the lender passed onto the borrower if a fixed rate is exited before the term has expired. This can sometimes be in the tens of thousands of dollars. Each lender has different formulas and it is advised you contact them directly for the exact figure.

Entry Fees

Loan Application Fee – Depending on the lender they can charge a loan establishment fee for a new loan

Lenders Mortgage Insurance – if you borrow more than 80% of the properties value regular loans or 60% for low doc loans lenders mortgage insurance will need to be paid.

Discharge & Registration of Mortgage Documents – approximately $200 depending on the State Government

Solicitor Costs – if you use a solicitor to refinance your loan then there will be a fee. Generally, most people act for themselves when refinancing their mortgage

Try our refinance mortgage calculator to see is it is worth refinancing your home and or investment loan.


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