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Home Loan Specials – Discounts on Mortgage Rates and Fees

These specials are for a limited time only.

Westpac Refinance Offer
$600 rebate for those looking to refinance to Westpac plus no establishment fees. This could save you up to $1,000 off your refinance costs. Ends April 12th 2009. Only a available under their premier advantage package.
Westpac Fixed Rates
Customers will receive 0.20% discount on all fixed rate loans under the Premier Advantage Package.
Commonwealth Bank Home and Investment Loans
$0 Loan Service Fee for the life of the loan on our 3 Yr Special Rate Saver on new borrowings only. 
Citibank Home Loans
$0 Application Fee Basic Variable Loan. Saving $345 in application fees
St George Fixed Rate Loans
0.15% off Fixed Rates when applying for the Mortgage Advantage Package For a Limited Time.
Available for new applications and existing customers for borrowings of $150K or more.
Introductory 1 Year Fixed Rate, Low Doc and No Deposit Home Loans are not eligible. 
This discount is not available on Interest in Advance Loans.Pre-approvals are not eligible for the 0.15% p.a. discount
To find out more about these specials or a home or investment loan suitable to your lending needs please contact us or submit a mortgage enquiry.