Mortgage Protection Insurance

Mortgage protection insurance helps protect your greatest asset, your home.  In the event you are unable meet your mortgage repayments due to sickness or injury you mortgage repayments are paid. If you prematurely die your family is protected and your mortgage is paid in full.

Mortgage protection policies differ significantly and can be a combination of  life, income, total and / or permanent disability insurance.

Mortgage protection insurance is often confused with lenders mortgage insurance. Mortgage protection protects you and your asset and a premium is paid yearly while lenders mortgage insurance protects the lender (eg a bank, building society or mortgage manager) in the event you default on a loan. Mortgage insurance is a one off payment made to the lender.

It is highly advised that you seek advise from a qualified insurance agent before taking out mortgage protection insurance to ensure you receive adequate cover.

Get an online mortgage protection quote or for immediate help call us on 1300 726 136 to speak to a qualified insurance agent.

Our Mortgage Protection Service

Smart Search Finance offers mortgage protection referral service for Australians requiring multiple insurance quotes from a variety of insurance providers. We offer the following;

  • Compare mortgage insurance policies side by side
  • Free service for all Australians
  • Advise from qualified insurance agents
  • You may qualify for a 20% rebate on your first years premium

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