Bridging Home Loans

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Buying a property before you sell existing property...

Bridging loans arise when you buy or build another property before you have sold your current property. This can simplify the transition between properties.

If your home is for sale and you find a property to buy, or wish to build the lender advances the money so you can purchase your new home.

Depending on the equity in your current home, you may be able to include all the fees too. The interest charged to your loan can be paid by you or capitalised (added to the loan amount). When your original property is sold, the proceeds are deposited to the new loan. The amount owing becomes your end loan and normal repayments commence.


  • You can buy or build a new home before you sell the existing one.

  • Avoid moving into a rental property avoiding moving fees.


  • Interest is charged on the peak debt.

  • Delays in selling existing home can incur significant interest costs.

  • May force you into selling your property at a lower price.

  • Must have sufficient equity in existing home and to be able to service both loans.

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