Borrow Amount Mortgage Calculator

Calculate how much you can borrow

  • The calculator provides an estimate of how much you can borrow and is in not a pre-approval for a loan.

  • If you are unsure on what figure to insert there are instructions below

  • Each lender will lend different amounts based on the information provided and this calculator is only an estimate

  • There are many factors that determine borrow amounts and it is recommended that you click the button below and have one of our mortgage advisors calculate exactly how much you can borrow.

Borrow Amount Quotes

Calculate Borrow Amount
1  Loan Details      
Number of Dependents
Interest Rate
2  Income Details      
Income Applicant 1 $  
Income Applicant 2 $
Rental Income $
Social Secuirty Income $
Other $
3  Current Financial Commitments
Total Credit Card Limits $
Other Mortgages $
Car Loans $
Child Maintenance / Other $
Applicant 1 -  Student Debt
Applicant 2 -  Student Debt
 Borrow Amount  
 Monthly Repayment  
 Interest Paid  
 Total Cost  
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Compare Home Loans Calculator

Compare home loan lenders interest rates, fees and products side by side. All the mortgage calculations are done for you.

Mortgage calculations such as repayment amount, fees, comparison rate and total cost of loan are all done for you in a side by side comparison

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How To Use This Calculator

Proposed Loan Amount - Estimate of how much you would like to borrow

Proposed Purchase Price - Estimate of purchase price or value of current home if refinancing

Deposit Amount - The amount of cash you will put towards the purchase or equity in current property

Number of Single Adults - Number of adults that are not in a relationship that are applying for the loan. For example, if two friends are applying for a loan you would place "2" adults. If you are in a relationship insert "0" adults and "1" couple.

Number of Couple - If you are married or in a defacto relationship the number here is "1". This will count for two adults in a relationship.

Number of Children / Dependents - This is the number of children under the age of 18 that are dependent on you living at home

Credit Card Limits - Calculate your total credit card limits. Do not insert how much you owe. Even if your credit card debt is paid you still need to insert the limit of all credit cards owned.

Car Loan Repayments - Insert your monthly car loan repayments

Personal Loan Repayments - Insert your monthly personal loan repayments

Other Repayments - This can be any thing from HELP debt, child maintenance, tax etc

Annual Income - Insert your gross annual income from your employment. This is the amount before you get taxed. Not your take home pay

Annual Business Income - This is the Net Profit Before Tax or the businesses taxable income. If you are unsure contact your accountant.

Important Note About The Calculator

This is an estimate only. It is provided for illustrative purposes only and is based on the accuracy of information provided. It does not constitute a quote. Results are based on amortised scheduled repayments and, once any discount or fixed rate period expires, applies the current variable rate for the remainder of the loan term. All applications for credit are subject to lenders normal credit approval criteria.