Stamp Duty Calculator


Slecting "Primary Residence" and "Land" assumes you will be building a new home on that land within the time period suggested by the relevent "State" and therefore stamp duty concessions may apply to first home buyers and or pensioners


Note that stamp duty, mortgage duty and other government charges are changing constantly and different rates and concessions apply to first home buyers, owner occupied and investment properties. The duties payable between a first home buyer and an investor can vary significantly.

For the most accurate and up to date assessment contact any of the following agencies;

Smart Search Finance or phone 1300 726 136 for up to date duties, fees and total costs for all states.

Alternatively, contact the State Revenue Office relevant to the state you are purchasing. These links and phone numbers can be found below;

ACT or phone 02 6207 0228

New South Wales or phone 1300 139 814 or for First Home Buyers call 1300 130 624

Northern Territory or phone 1300 305 353

Queensland or phone 1300 300 734

South Australia or phone 08 8226 3750 or for First Home Owners Grant 08 8226 3750

Tasmania or phone 03 6233 3100

Victoria or phone 13 21 61

Western Australia or phone 08 9262 1400

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