Life Insurance

What is it?

Mortgage Broker Life insurance provides a lump sum payment that can be used to protect your family from financial burden should you die prematurely. This is often done by selecting a level of cover that is sufficient to cover outstanding debts and/or provide an investment amount to generate a future income stream from which the surviving members can live.

  • Provides a lump sum payment to generate future income from which surviving members can live

  • Covers payment of outstanding debts, such as, mortgages, credit cards, personal loans etc.

  • No medical or blood tests

  • Get more information and compare quotes

What Does it Cost?

The easiest way to find out the cost of life insurance is to speak to get a quote from a qualified advisor by filling in the form below.

The cost of income protection insurance varies significantly as it depends on the age of policy holder, income earned, how long you are prepared to wait to receive payments and how long you are prepared to wait to receive payments.

Getting More Information & Quotes?

The best way to get more information and price is to apply for an online quote by filling in the form below. You will receive the following service;

  • Compare up to 15 different life insurance companies with over 500 policies

  • Takes less than 2 minutes to complete

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