Citibank - Low Doc Loans

Main features for Citibank home and investment low doc loans

Company Citibank
Interest Rates Compare Low Doc Loans
Products Available Variable, fixed, line of credit and interest only options
Maximum Lend Amount Per Property $1 million
Maximum Exposure Per Borrower $2.5 million
ABN Required 2 years minimum
GST Required 1 year minimum
BAS Statements Less than 60% LVR - No; Greater than 60% LVR - Yes 12 months
Purchases Up to 80% of the properties value
Refinance Available Yes
Cash Out No
Construction No
No Doc Not available
PAYG Employed Borrowers No
Upfront Fees Product selected
Ongoing Fees Product selected
Early Exit Fees Product selected
Discharge of Mortgage Fees Product selected

Need Help Finding the Right Low Doc Loan

  • Up to 80% LVR (Loan to Value Ratio) home loans and investment loans at full doc loan rates

  • BAS statements may be required for lo docs loans up to 80% LVR

  • Low doc loans for PAYG (employed) borrowers up to 60% of the properties value.

  • Low doc loans with 6 months to 2 years ABN and GST registration

  • Refinances up to 80% LVR with

  • Cash out depending on lender

  • Credit impaired low doc loans

  • No doc loans

  • Many more options and hundreds of loans available

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