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AMP Bank Property Investment Loans and Special Features

Lender Type - Compare AMP Loans Description Compare Other Lenders
AMP Basic Variable Rate Basic variable and fixed interests rate without all the frills with a discounted interest rate. Compare Variable Property Investment Loans
AMP Professional Package Discounts on variable a fixed rate loans with the benefits of reduced upfront fee, ongoing fees, free redraw, 100% offset accounts and many other advantages for an annual fee. Compare Professional Package Property Investment Loans
AMP Line of Credit Variable rate line of credit for accessing the equity in your home for uses such as renovations, buying new car, going on holiday or deposit for an investment property Compare Line of Credit Loans
AMP Construction Loans Variable rate construction loan for the purposes of building a new residential property. Compare Construction Loans
AMP Fixed Rate Loans Fixed rates Property Investment loans available for terms or 1,2,3,4, and 5 years Compare Fixed Rate Property Investment Loans
AMP Investment Property Loans Investment property loans variable loans with similar products and rates as their standard suite of loans. Compare Property Investment Loans
AMP Low Doc Property Investment Loans Low doc loans for self employed borrowers that do not have tax returns but can provide other evidence of income. Compare Low Doc Loans

Compare Property Investment Loans

AMP Bank Property Investment Loan Mortgage Calculators

All the loan calculations are done for you when using the mortgage comparison pages. This includes mortgage repayments based on the loan amount and years selected, fees, total costs, annualised percentage rate and more.

If you are looking for more specific calculators that show you how much you can borrow and See the advantages of how an offset account and extra repayments can reduce the cost and term of your loan.

Property Investment Loan Calculators