Mortgage Protection Insurance

What is it?

Mortgage protection insurance is a combination of three insurance policies that specifically cover the following;

Life Insurance - covers the mortgage in the event you prematurely die and saves the family from selling the home

Disability Insurance - covers the mortgage should you not be able to work again due to a permanent disablement

Income Protection - covers mortgage repayments if you become sick or injured

It is designed only to cover your family home and you will need to seek alternate insurances for investment properties

What Does it Cost?

The easiest way to find out the cost of life insurance is to speak to get a quote from a qualified advisor by filling in the form below.

The cost of income protection insurance varies significantly as it depends on the age of policy holder, income earned, how long you are prepared to wait to receive payments and how long you are prepared to wait to receive payments.

Getting More Information & Quotes?

The cost of mortgage protection insurance is significantly less than other personal insurances as it only covers the cost of the family home.

Premiums vary from person to person as it depends on the loan size, age of policy holder and the types of cover you include in your policy.

Premiums can be as low as $20 per month

The best way to get more information and price is to apply for an online quote by filling in the form below. You will receive the following service;

  • Mortgage repayments made in the event you become sick or injured

  • Mortgage is paid if you prematurely die.

  • Compare up to 15 different life insurance companies with over 500 policies

  • Takes less than 2 minutes to complete

  • Quick and professional service from a qualified advisor